The Questions You Should Ask When Reading Any Health News Article

News about health and nutrition seems to flip-flop from day to day, so how do you know when the latest study is worth taking seriously? You can avoid getting yanked around by headlines if you ask yourself a few questions while reading the article. » 1/20/15 3:18pm 1/20/15 3:18pm

Why Sometimes It's Worth Seeing a Dentist More Frequently

We've talked before about the importance of those regular checkups at the dentist, but the usual biannual dental visit isn't perfect for everyone. The Wall Street Journal explains why some people might need to go more frequently. » 1/13/15 4:51pm 1/13/15 4:51pm

Four "Confusing" Zen Quotes and What You Can Learn from Them

Zen is a branch of Buddhism that came about in China during the 6th century. So it has been around for a little while. Many of the teachings and quotes find their way into things, but they sometimes come across as nonsensical phrases meant to sound obscure. There is meaning behind the quotes, however, and many of the… » 1/13/15 4:48pm 1/13/15 4:48pm

The Best Battery Charger

Taking as many votes as the other four contenders combined, La Crosse takes home your nod as the best battery charger. You praised it for its versatility, ease of use, wide range of options, and features like the ability to refresh lost capacity in your batteries. [La Crosse BC1000] » 11/16/14 5:22pm 11/16/14 5:22pm

Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software

Adobe's Creative Suite is one of the best software packs out there for professionals, but the suite is prohibitively expensive for most people. If you can't drop the cash, you can still get a similar experience with free or cheap software. Here's how to build your own Creative Suite. » 10/22/14 5:32pm 10/22/14 5:32pm

How to Hide Files on Your Computer

Sometimes, you need to keep files on your computer that you just don't want other people to see. Whether it's a gift list or that porn stash, hiding files is easy. Here's how to do it. » 10/14/14 5:39pm 10/14/14 5:39pm

How to Choose a Reliable Emergency Radio (and Some Good Ones to Buy)

With luck, you'll never need to rely on an emergency radio, but they're an essential part of any emergency kit. However, not all emergency radios are alike, and buying a reliable one isn't as simple as plucking one from the shelves. Here's what to look for, and some good options for your emergency kit. » 10/13/14 4:05pm 10/13/14 4:05pm

Your Complete Fall 2014 Anime Guide

Summer is finally over and now it's time for some pleasantly cool weather. Not that you'll want to go outside and enjoy it with 50 new anime in the pipeline. But how do you know which ones to watch? Check out the trailers and brief blurbs to see which of them catches your interest. » 10/07/14 1:30pm 10/07/14 1:30pm

How to Run Android Apps Inside Chrome on Any Desktop Operating System

Recently, Google made the first batch of Android apps available for Chrome. It was only a matter of time before some clever users gave that power to everyone. Now that time has come. Here's how to install (nearly) any Android app on any operating system. » 10/05/14 4:08pm 10/05/14 4:08pm

One of Earliest Sherlock Holmes Films Has Been Found

Nearly 100-years-old, a silent film Sherlock Holmes starring William Gillette has been discovered at the Cinémathèque Française. Even thought the 1916 film isn't the first Holmes film ever made, it is the only one starring Gilllette, from whom we get a fair number of Holmes' most famous quirks. » 10/02/14 10:00am 10/02/14 10:00am

Why Is Wi-Fi Coverage So Bad in My House, and How Can I Fix It?

Dear Lifehacker,
For reasons unknown to me (Physics? Global warming? Witchcraft?), my router's reach is terrible. My house has all kinds of Wi-Fi dead zones, and I have no idea why. What could be the cause, and how can I fix it? » 9/30/14 6:32pm 9/30/14 6:32pm

We're hoping you find that your Wi-Fi problems are easily solved…

How to Sharpen Your Garden and Workshop Tools

Fall is a great time to take stock of your gardening and other bladed tools, and get them in pristine shape before they're put away for the season. Sharpening tools like shovels, hoes, pruning shears, knives, and chisels can make a world of a difference in how they work. Here are some tips for sharpening the most… » 9/30/14 6:28pm 9/30/14 6:28pm